Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day & How We Met

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm grateful for all of those in my life that show their love -- family, friends, church members, even the shy neighborhood dachshund [ok wiener dog] that wags his tail as he peeks his head around the car to look at me then runs hurriedly back to home base. I'm especially grateful for my hunny. Come to think of it, I haven't told the story of "how we met" in this little corner of the www. Here goes... get the tissues ready.

Three years ago yesterday, February 13th [!!!]. I was supposed to be on a road trip to California with some friends. Jesse was supposed to be home in FL for the weekend. Two days prior to leaving my road trip got canceled. The day he was supposed to leave [the day we met] his flight got canceled due to bad weather. Fate? I like to think so. I ended up on a date that fateful night...but not with Jesse. It was a double date and as the night progressed it just wasn't working for any of us. Apparently at some point during the night we were invited to go hang out with a bunch of people at Jesse's apartment. I went along despite the fact that I only knew half the people on this date and wouldn't know anyone there. I found myself a spot on the couch while my date got immersed in a business conversation with one of Jesse's roommates. I guess I wasn't looking too enthused with the whole situation and Jesse noticed. He came over and struck up a conversation. This is how our conversation followed: I told him I was from Seattle. He had just gotten back from Seattle after spending an entire day shooting with his favorite photographer, Chase Jarvis. I told him I loved photography too which stemmed from a small family business growing up. He and his roommate had started an event photography business a year before and had recently returned from Ukraine where he photographed "a day in the life" of the non-profit organization, Courage to Hope. I told him I loved to travel and had just returned from living in Spain for four months and had traveled throughout Europe. He had visited, wait for it, NINE countries in 2009 alone! By now I'm thinking, "who is this guy?!" Vanessa, another key player in this whole situation, asked me for my last name because "we needed to be friends on facebook!" Very clever V, now Jesse had my full name too. We parted ways and before I made it home Jesse had checked with his sources to make sure it would be appropriate to ask me out, looked me up on facebook, and wrote the cutest non-weird facebook message asking me for my number [cause let's be honest, facebook messages aren't the coolest way to ask someone out, but the circumstances were a little odd]. Two days later he took me to my favorite restaurant [unbeknownst to him] and by the end of the week everyone was placing bets on when the wedding would be!

Oh and P.S., we're still good friends with my date from that night. He's a great guy. I mean, he is responsible for this little union after all! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
Sure do love you, hunny! 


  1. what a sweet love story! hope you two had a great valentine's day!


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