Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Edition to the Basement Bungalow

My man gets major, like foot rub worthy, Husband Points for this one. You see, I saw this print here and nearly fell off my seat. After spending more time than I'll admit [ok days] trying to track it down, I Pinned it so I could drool over it whenever and gave up. 

Then last Saturday my man comes in the room and says "I have a surprise for you." Thinking it was something of the sugary sorts [he really does know the way to the deepest part of my heart], I was about to make a B line for the usual hiding spots when he pointed to his laptop. Open on the screen was this print! He had searched high and low himself, realized it wasn't available anymore, and finally decided to just make it for me! Straight up DIYed it. 

This corner of our little basement bungalow gives me grief. For now it's the catch-all but my new edition certainly makes it less annoying to me. 

And since I'm on the topic of this corner... ahem... I'm going to point out the obvious that I was hoping you just, oh, didn't notice. There are no curtains. No drapes, no valances, no curtain rods...nothing. We have great landlords but there are some pretty specific house rules for this place, one of which is no curtains. Hello giant holes in the all -- I totally get it. We love where we live and appreciate how much our landlords do to keep this place nice [really, they are awesome] so we want to respect those house rules. can imagine the anxiety I feel when I look at my curtain-less windows. I have no solution for this one which hurts my designer ego. 

Let's go back to talking about Andy Warhol!

photos: property of third floor design studio


  1. Great quote and love that your guy just DIY'ed it for you. Something I did when I couldn't make holes in the wall either ... is the valance for the mini-blinds flush or proud of the wall? It if its proud then you actually have a "ledge" you may be able to work with ... I was able to lay a piece of lattice moulding over the top of the valance, so I faux sewed, as in staples and glue gun, side panels to the lattice moulding, then placed that over the blind valance, and "secured" the lattice to the valance with command adhesive strips and some cable ties. Maybe something along those lines could work for you.

    1. Thanks for the tip Robin!! I love any project that doesn't require sewing!! :)


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