Thursday, February 14, 2013


Since grad school doesn't believe in love [or canceling class on valentine's day], we opted to spend a long lunch together, the hunny & me. I was given a few options, one of which being Omar's Rawtopia. This is the only raw food restaurant in Utah! If it's not available organic it won't be on the menu. I had a good feeling when we arrived to see several people already eagerly awaiting the closed sign to be flipped over. Utah is slowly making its way to being hip. A Trader Joe's just opened up down the street and the entire state nearly wet themselves over the excitement. I'll tell ya what though... us Utahns are loyal customers. Supposedly it was one of their best openings. Anywaaaaays. I chose Rawtopia. Now, I don't proclaim myself a health nut [hello chocolate wrappers sitting next to the keyboard] but I grew up living near a grandma who gave me fresh carrot juice any time I had the sniffles and kept the greenest flat of wheatgrass in her kitchen. She's 88 and still "jogs" every day. I think she is on to something with that carrot juice and wheat grass. Between the two of us we split the Bean Burrito/Falafel Bowl & Hummus/Sweet Basil Salad [which resembled nothing of the name, mind you]. Oh my goodness. Heavenly. But you know what meant the most to me? That my "meat & potatoes" kind of guy happily ate tahini dressing, macadamia nut sour cream, collard greens, almond hummus, hemp seeds, and the like.  Now that, my friends, is true love. 

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio 

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