Monday, February 25, 2013

What My iPhone Said About the Weekend

bangs! // juicing twice a day //
 lovin' making up my own juice recipes // juice makes its appearance while i work //
more veggie pics what's new? // i wear that sweater all the days //
 best 3 ingredient cookies ever & healthy too! // juice colors aren't always pretty, but when they are... i take pictures

Jesse had a few days off last week before heading out of town for the weekend hence the radio silence! We've hardly been apart in the last 2+ years, the hunny and I. So when I found myself alone for the weekend I had no idea what to do?! I mean, I'm used to him being gone at work all day every day but suddenly I had no one to bug or make a partner in crime come evening time. I actually got a lot of work done, made it to the market in a snowstorm without dying, and watched 354.7 chick flicks. I consider that a pretty successful weekend. But when I scrolled back through the photos on my phone, it looks like all I did was take pictures of myself and my vegetables. Cause, well, I did do a lot of that too. 

By the way, I cut my bangs last week. Have I mentioned that already?

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1 comment:

  1. all those veggies & juice look delish.
    & your bangs - so cute!


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