Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday!

Why do weekends have to pass so quickly? Such a cruel joke. We spotted some green on our sunday walk. I wasn't quite sure what to think of it... we haven't seen the likes in months! Anyways. We filled those 2.5 precious days with good friends, laughter, cafe rio, church, homework [because school doesn't know what a weekend is], and just dance. In related news, watching 4 grown men dance for 3 solid minutes to The Final Countdown is beyond words. I'm just waiting for the most opportune moment to release the video... 

And in design news...

I was thrilled to wake up and see this post. I've been dying to see the reveal! Renovations don't always turn out as expected, unless you are Erin Gates and get it SPOT ON. I am swooning over her kitchen/dining room remodel

And in other design news...

I'm on my way out to get a few more supplies for my St. Patty's Day set-up. Hopefully I'll be posting it tomorrow! And just so you know... there will be a couple of free printables. This holiday deserves more attention so don't forget to stop by!

Photo: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. I can't wait to hear about your St. Patrick's day party! I'm also excited for spring. :)

  2. Oh my, that grasscloth is calling my name. Beautiful kitchen!

  3. Hi Kimberly!! I just stumbled on your blog and I love it :) I am doing a link-up to show off other bloggers homes and I would love for you to join in! My favorites will be featured at the end of the month! Following you now

    XO Samantha


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