Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Dining Rooms That Describe My Style

I cringe a little when asked "what is your style" because I have such a love for so many different styles, eras, and types of design. This love for all things design is why I do what I do. THAT is for sure. But it's a blessing and a curse, I tell you, when it comes to defining my style. It just hasn't felt right to limit myself and "my style" to a few words! Yet I have to admit I've noticed a few trends emerging in what I am drawn to. 

Neutrals. Particularly black & white. I've always been drawn to that oh-so-chic combination. My closet would tell you so. Natural tones too. In high school I painted a brown accent wall in my bedroom. Remember when accent walls were the bee's knees? 

Color. Then an obsession with bright colors opened up a whole new world to me. I mean, I covered an entire wall with paint chips in our first shoebox of an apartment when we had $0 to our married selves. But I've found a good balance between neutral & color and am constantly honing in on it. 

Modern. You know a good piece of mid-century modern furniture makes me weak at the knees. And you can't go wrong with modern lines, so clean and crisp. Plus modern just screams sophistication, no? 

Rustic. But let's not forget texture. Rustic elements bring a lot of texture to the space and help balance out those smooth surfaces I do love about modern. Plus a rustic room is just more cozy.  

I have been swoooooning over these 3 dining rooms. They are the perfect mix of neutral, modern, and rustic...all with a touch of color. 

And dare I say it, my style. 

Photo Source: here, here, here


  1. I love all three of these rooms. I just love simple (lots of white or gray) with a touch of color.

    1. Aren't they lovely?! I can't get enough gray this year too. Good thing because our little apartment has gray walls AND carpet. Woah!

  2. I would happily accept any of these in our home! :)


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