Thursday, April 18, 2013

Design Studio Challenge: Midweek Update

Ooook. So it turns out this challenge is hard, NOT because there aren't any cute accessories under $10, but because there are TOO MANY. Check out Instagram & Facebook for a few of the other accessories I spotted. I may have walked out of the store with a few extra bags and a few less dollars, BUT, when it comes to the challenge I totally nailed it. I came away with the perfect desk organizer for the new workspace I created for my husband. That desk has z-e-r-o storage and between school, work, and the 637 hobbies he has, stuff accumulates quickly! This drawer organizer is the perfect catch-all for his keys / pens / etc. And it's good lookin' too. Oh, did I mention it was $5.99? Thank you Target + Nate Berkus. 

How's the challenge coming for you? Keep me in the loop! Send me a picture to kimberlymoore12 (@) gmail (dot) com or include the hashtag #designstudio_challenge on Instagram! 

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. Ooo dev needs that for his desk! Good thinking def gonna get that

    1. The whole Nate Berkus collection is super cute!!

  2. Now THAT is cute! I would love something like this for my desk space!


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