Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Studio Challenge of the Week

A recap of last week's challenge >>>

With my parents in town I didn't have a chance to update you on my design challenge mid-week! Like I said, my goal was to get an office space carved out for my hunny. He'd been using the teeny kitchen table meant for two that we got when we were first married. It was just shoved in the corner and was totally falling apart, not to mention an eye sore! 

When you're renting, it's hard to make expensive furniture purchases because the likelihood of them not working in your new place is pretty high. I've been fretting over what to do about my hunny's "office situation" forever. We finally decided to just pick up the most inexpensive desk from Ikea because we have a certain vision for when we have an office [one day] that doesn't quite work in our apartment now...sans office. This desk works in our space now, and with a little accessorizing will fit in just right. 

 And remember the art challenge from two weeks ago? We grabbed some frames for the travel photos we printed while at Ikea and played around with where to hang them. I cut 16x20 pieces out of craft paper to help us visualize. This trick is SO helpful not only for arranging but for when you go to hang the actual frames! Instead of marking the wall up with pencil, we just marked a spot on the paper for the nail hole, then put the nail through the paper. We were both smiling after the whole ordeal which is a  feat. Hanging frames gives me anxiety, I swear. 

Anywayssss. We narrowed it down to above one of our desks. Ultimately, we decided above his work space because they just felt more appropriate for a "man's space." I mean, it was between these or a sunburst mirror... 

The space needs some serious styling [and texture! i love Ikea but yikes where is the texture!] but I can check this project off my list and the hunny is happy to have his own work area. 

Inspired by others >>>

Sydney from Just Two in Love checked something off her list too! A coffee table! Way to go!  

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio

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