Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guest Post: Melissa of The 25th Hour

Hello Third Floor Design Studio Readers!

I am Melissa, the creative soul behind the blog, The 25th Hour where I find that "extra hour" in the day to find inspiration, love, adventure. I am constantly getting inspired by people, music, color palettes or taking a walk in my backyard. One place where you can find most inspiration is your home, your space, your oasis. Your home is a source of comfort, love and relaxation. It should be just as inspiring as you are!

I am no interior designer, but just like any other lady, fantasize about what my perfect home would look like.

My home style is "rustic contemporary with a dash of organized chaos".
And where do I go to build my perfect home? West Elm of course!

(photo taken via Instagram here)

Thank you Kimberly for letting me stop by the studio and share some inspiration pieces for the home! I hope you all have found some source in comfort from all the pieces. Could you tell I like rustic and comfortable? I just want to jump into that bed!


  1. i absolutely LOVE that globe pendant! gorg.


    1. I know right! I have been thinking of all the places I could put them all over my house ;)

    2. Such a good roundup by Melissa!!


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