Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Weekend According to the iPhone

We got to spend the weekend with my parents who were in town! And what do you do when company is visiting? Eat. A lot. And that we did. We finally hit up The Dodo in Sugar House, introduced my parents to Rawtopia, and my dad spotted a church-turned-sushi stop we had to try. Sometimes the hunny and I get stuck in our ways when it comes to eating out and go with the safe option we know we'll like so it's fun to have an excuse to play tourist in our own city and try new things.

And an overload of iphone photos coming your way. Wishing I would have just brought my good camera along! 

[ shopping @ city creek of course ]

[ the dodo ]

[ finally stepped inside the state capitol! gorgeous! ]

[ cathedral of the madeleine - another must see in slc ]

[ rawtopia : chocolate goji / sweet basil salad / raw pizza / raw berry & chocolate pies ]
[ ichiban sushi - located in an old converted church. don't mind me looking like a hot mess. we'd been out in the rain and wind all day! ]

I am LOVING exploring our city more. You just never know how long you'll be in one place and I'd be so sad if we ever left without taking advantage of all this city has to offer. We love SLC! 

How was your weekend? 

P.S. new Design Challenge coming later today! 

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. Such an adorable outfit! I love city exploring like that :)

    1. Isn't city exploring fun? Looks like you had a blast in Chicago!!

  2. Oh, at the sushi! What a fun weekend. I love hometown exploring! You never know what new places you might find.


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