Thursday, May 16, 2013

Design Studio Challenge: Midweek Update

I was perusing through Ikea [which is not the first place I'd suggest when looking for texture] and came across two items that were perfect for this week's challenge! My first priority was my little office nook. It desperately needed some texture.

>>> Enter sheepskin rug. I've seen these undeniably cozy things draped and adorned all over the web and felt a twinge of jealousy every time! I think a bigger, cozier, real [ahem] one is in store, but Ikea pulled through for me in a pinch.

Then I saw this gorgeous striped number and, well, you know how it goes. I'm not sure exactly where it will end up but for now it's sitting pretty on the sofa, just in time for Summer and 90 degree weather. Who's complaining?  

Regardless, I introduced a little more texture into our apartment this week. For under $30. Did I mention that too? 

How's the challenge coming for you? Keep me in the loop! Send me a picture to kimberlymoore12 (@) gmail (dot) com or include the hashtag #designstudio_challenge on Instagram! 

Happy [almost] FRIDAY! 

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


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