Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doughnuts are the New Cupcake

First of all, is it doughnut or donut? Either way they. are. delicious. And mark my words, doughnuts are the new cupcake! I've been saying it for months. And mark your calendars too, it's National Doughnut Day on Friday, June 7th! 

Last night my girlfriends and I got together for one last little girls night before TWO of them have babes, like, ANY minute! Since it was a celebration of sorts, I decided to dress up the occasion. My theme for the evening...

...because babies are sweet.

^^^Banbury Cross Donuts really came through for me in the sugar department. If you're in SLC, make sure to pop in. They've got that fried goodness down pat. 

^^^ Assorted doughnut holes tied up with string for that midnight snack craving

^^^ Sweet fruit & sweet smelling carnations wrapped in the napkins to go along with the theme

It was such a fun night full of laughter & good stories shared with some of my favorite girls! Can't wait to meet the little ones! Aren't babies sweet? 

>>> And if you happen to be throwing a doughnut party anytime soon, here are a few great recourses [World Market didn't even pay me to buy the entire store - I just love it that much]: 

Doughnuts: Banbury Cross Doughnuts, SLC
Napkins: World Market
Cake Stand: World Market
Wire Basket: World Market
Milk Bottles: World Market 
Striped Straws: Etsy
Striped Brown Bags: Zurchers 

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. So adorable!! Love the napkins so much. My mouth is watering!!

    1. Thanks Michaela! I love those napkins, so cheerful!

  2. I seriously love everything about this!!

  3. thank you again so much it was fabulous!

  4. I think its time for me to buy a great cake stand. I keep needing them, but getting by with something not quite as good. World Market is awesome!

    1. I was in the exact same position. I have a few but they're just your standard whatever. Especially when it's going to be the centerpiece, it should be noteworthy, right?!

  5. You are right; the new dessert of choice is the doughnut. I’m not sure which spelling of the word is actually correct. I guess it depends on where you are from. A doughnut party sounds like just thing for an awesome girl’s night. Everything looks great.

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