Monday, June 24, 2013

4th of July: Two Garland DIY's

Happy Monday! As promised, this week will be full of 4th of July DIY's & necessities. My goal was to provide simple, cute, and affordable ideas that will add the perfect touch of celebration! First up are two garland ideas. The starburst garland and the classic tie garland. Obviously the starburst garland will be more time consuming but it looks adorable and could totally be used for another occasion or even in a nursery. 

[starburst garland // tie garland]

>>> FYI: I purchased half a yard of each fabric and that was plenty. JoAnn's had a great selection of fabrics around $5/yard. And, surprisingly, Walmart did too. The red checkered fabric was $4/yard?! Do a quick online search for coupons before you go as well. 



Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio 

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