Monday, June 3, 2013

Design Studio Challenge + A Little Video

Yikes. Last week totally got away from me. I finally finished the challenge [making your office space unique] and am loving the small but significant changes. The wall behind my desk has been neglected for an entire year, which is ironic because I sit in front of it every day. You'd think it would be the first place to get a little decor action. This challenge was the perfect kick to get me going. After thinking through several options, I decided to just put a simple $10 cork board right in front of me and fill it with inspiration. This seems so old school, like pictures plastered on your locker door old school, but I love it! I love the fact that every time I look up I am reminded of a few things that define me and my creative style. I find inspirational words that have spoken to me. I find memories that will undoubtedly make a grumpy attitude seem silly. I find reminders of the kind of person I want to be [you're hard to find, but i see you hiding there, kale! i will love you one day]. The board will surely be filled with more inspiration and changed all too frequently but this little office space finally feels familiar. This small space is also cranky when it comes to being photographed. It's a tough one so bear with me [and the pics]. 

>>> If you follow me on instagram, you'll know how giddy I was over a new project. Well, here it is. I've talked myself out of this idea many times but after a good conversation with my brother and this cork board needing a little more attention, I decided to just jump in. To video that is. I'm not sure how this will play a role into my business & blog but I love this creative process and can't wait to work it into Third Floor Design Studio. I'm FAR from knowing the first thing about video, but here ya go.

P.S. A little shout out to my hunny and creative partner in crime.  He did a fabulous job workin' the camera. 


Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. First time telling a story via video? Really? I thought it was charming, sweet, not overly complicated or contrived, and allowed us to get to know the person behind the design blog better. And I love the font used on a lot of the graphics you hung on the cork board ... the one that looks hand-drawn cursive, do you know the name of it? Thanks, Robin

    1. Thanks Robin!! I so appreciate your feedback! The ones that look hand-drawn [the quote, merci] were hand-drawn by me. I was just playing around with a pen and paper one day! Sorry I can't provide a better resource!

  2. love it!!! This is just lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. LOVING your sweet video! What video editor did you use??
    I want to make one of these puppies but am so intimidated by the editing portion!
    Any tips??

    Your newest follower :)


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