Sunday, June 9, 2013

Design Studio Challenge of the Week

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So I pinned this and was intrigued by the caption [the actual DIY project was way out of my league]. The caption said to just sketch out your drawing, outline it with Elmer's glue, then color it with watercolor paints. So I sketched this out [below] and covered it with glue which was actually going to look VERY cool. But, you guys, remember how Elmer's glue dries clear? Yeah. Those pencil marks showed right through. I didn't have the right materials to cover said lines with a different medium so I put that one aside to finish later. Since I'd been dying to break out the watercolors, I threw some glue on a new piece of paper in varied stripes, sans pencil marks, and painted it in shades of gray [no pun intended...] after the glue had dried. Though simple beyond words, I actually love it. The relaxed effect of watercolor paint is so unique. It went right up front and center of the cork board. And by the way, the whole glue thing was actually kind of cool because it kept me in line and didn't let the paint bleed. But who knows how to draw anything with a bottle of Elmer's glue?! Please come forward if you do. I'd like to know you. And this project below? Maybe I'll finish it...maybe i won't. I probably won't. Let's be honest. 

I hope you had more success with your project?!
Happy Monday!

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