Monday, July 29, 2013

Design Studio Challenge of the Week

July 29th. It's practically August. Unbelievable. It's about this time every year that I think about the impending winter and have a little meltdown. "Have I slept out under the stars enough? Has my pale skin seen the light of day? Have I eaten enough snow cones?

I've made my list. My mini Bucket List for these last few weeks of summer.
Have you? 

Scenes from this weekend vvv 
On a somewhat related note to these pictures, there's one thing I love about lazy summer nights and that's having a good laugh. We spent an evening with friends & family playing Ellen's new game Heads Up! and we were practically rolling on the floor. The best part about the game is that your phone is videoing everyone else trying to explain the word on your screen and, well, I would totally share a few with you if they weren't so incriminating! So instead, I'll share a few pictures of the cabin we were at that was straight out of a page of Swiss Family Robinson I tell you. 

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Happy Monday!

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I cannot believe that it's going to be August soon!

  2. Love your blog. Just stopped by from 6th Street Design School :)

  3. A bucket list sounds like a good idea! How is it that August is upon us already?! That cabin sure looks familiar! ;)


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