Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I'm curious? Where do you find your inspiration beyond the computer screen? Don't get me wrong, there is SO much goodness to be found floating around out there on the internet...and you know I sure love being a small part of it! But. Where do you go when you've been perusing Pinterest for eight hours and your eyes feel like they're about ready to catch fire? What do you do?

For me? It depends. 

Sometimes I make lists [shocking, right?]. It's a weird way to "find design inspiration" but it's the way I work through a particular design problem or rut. I think about specific goals I want to achieve [big or small] and then I work backwards. It works for me.

Music can do wonders for inspiration! It can spark a creative idea in its entirety. I love those moments. When it just all falls into place.  

When I just need to clear my mind, I take a long drive or walk. I let the beauty around me take charge and allow new forms of inspiration to touch me. It's always fun to come home and review what architectural detail caught me eye, what unique home I hadn't spotted before, what act of kindness I witnessed, what shop had changed its window display, or simply what new colors had arrived in nature. 

Then I go to West Elm. Ha! Somehow I always end up at West Elm.

But anyways. I grabbed my hunny and got out of the house to find some inspiration and play around with our new camera. Here's what we came up with. Short and sweet. One to throw in the "just for fun" category.

>>> By the way, the cute little barber shop I stop by? That used to be my great grandfathers. I found this out a while ago and it touched me - A. that my great grandpa used to spend hours in that quaint little place using his hands to make something better & B. that it's STILL a barber shop!

Oh and just so you know, I took my own advice and grabbed a snow cone after filming. Addicted I tell you.

Tell me!
Where do you find your inspiration?


  1. I love to look at other spaces too! Anthropologie and West Elm are such inspiring stores, and I always get ideas there. I also find that while traveling (although I do it rarely), I enjoy seeing other types of architecture. Friends' houses are also inspiring!

  2. I find mine around the world through my travels! :)


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