Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Steel Doors & Windows


Steel doors & windows are gaining popularity quickly, and I'm so ok with that! I love the contrast they provide, their clean lines, and contemporary flair. They lend themselves to looking their finest in more modern and industrial spaces [which I swoon over on the daily], but what about more traditional spaces? Could they work? Do you see them becoming a trend throughout all genres of design? Do you love the trend but could never see yourself living with them? I'm curious to hear your thoughts! Do share.

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  1. I think metal window frames come from traditional architecture - all those hatchet windows, panel windows, factory windows, and the like. They do have a touch of the 'old' with them so I think they would look great in traditional spaces! They just got popular in modern architecture because they stand out so much with their clean lines and there is the trend of design coming from function and material now, and I for one love that!
    I live in a new apartment that's been fitted throughout with belgian style steel window frames, and I'm very happy with them. They don't require maintenance so far, which is great:)

    1. Thanks for the input Naomi! That's true that metal window frames have been around for a while and are just now making a huge comeback.

      Glad to hear they don't require maintenance either. That's always a plus. :)

  2. Love them! I wish I could afford to put them in my new home that's under construction. I live in a very remote area that is definitely far from being "on trend". My plumber never even heard of a linear drain for the shower. So many items are very hard/expensive to get.


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