Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 Designers + 1 Room: Before and After Reveal [Video]

Remember the casting call Kirsten and I ran a few months ago? Well, we dubbed it a "casting call" because we decided to turn it into a video project! It was an absolute blast and Emily, the homeowner, was so great to work with.

Overall, we knew the room needed a bit more color, pattern, and accessorizing. The wall color was gorgeous and Emily already had quite a few pieces of art and accessories to play with. She had almost mentioned she loved the look of Furbish, so we kept that in mind as we came up with new designs, each using under $50 and as much of the existing items in the home as possible.

Here is the reveal and a little breakdown about the process.


A simple window treatment was on both of our lists. So we decided to combine forces and create pelmet boxes. Kirsten took on this challenge and did a fabulous job! She used this tutorial and her own creative problem solving. I supplied her with the pink ribbon and command strips for fastening. 

Emily already had a roll of that gorgeous blue Ikat fabric that had been sitting in the corner for a very long time, begging to be used. Kirsten and I knew it would be an absolute must to include it in our designs! Emily also had three 26x26 pillow inserts that we immediately agreed would be used as well. We decided to create a "headboard" using those three pillows which would create a focal point and the perfect setting to add a few additional pillows [a.k.a more color & pattern!] We contacted Ann of Deco Mod and she graciously came on board to help with the sewing aspect of project! 

After flipping the existing comforter to the all-white side, and including Emily's adorable polka dot sheets, the bed already began looking transformed. 


Command Velcro Strips / Target: $8.49
Pink Ribbon / JoAnn Fabric: $2.00
Foam Core Board: $9.00
Blue Ikat Fabric: Free!
Polka Dot Sheets: Free!

Now it was time to add our own personal touches, be sure to stop by 6th Street Design School to learn more about Kirsten's design >>>


Overall, I knew I wanted to incorporate new texture and as many existing items as I could. World Market has a great selection of pillows at low prices. Ikea is always a great resource for affordable rugs. Who doesn't love that sheepskin?  After a little searching around the house, I was able to find several great pieces of art and accessories to work with. I did pick up one inexpensive basket to help with bedside organization. Bedside tables can easily collect clutter. A little decorative organization helps keep things looking clean and purposeful. 


Art & Frames: Free!
Accessories: Free! [aside from new wicker basket]
Blue Velvet Pillow / World Market: $9.99
Geometric Fabric / Home Fabrics: $8.00
Sheepskin Rug / Ikea: $9.99
Accessory Basket / Home Goods: $4.99

Really and truly, a huge thanks to Emily for welcoming us into her home and to Kirsten for being her fabulous self and contributing to this collaboration. It was so fun working together and creating a beautiful space for Emily to enjoy! 

Also thank you to her awesome intern, Lindsey, for helping behind the scenes! And of course, a big thanks to my hunny for working solo behind the camera for this project. He captured the design process perfectly! 


  1. Where to begin?? Well first off, I LOVE MY NEW ROOM!!! After 7 years of a boring (truly boring) master bedroom, it now feels complete! I love the mix of feminine accent fabrics and accessories ( I love me some pinks!!) with the dark masculine walls and dark frames. I was stumped, and yall truly surprised me with 2 great designs!!! Genius to put 2 diff fabrics on pillows to flip. Love that! And I love the cozy sheepskin, who doesn't right?? Thanks a million!!

    And 2nd, you and Jesse are a rockstar video team!! Your shots and panning are crisp, clear and beautiful. I totally wanted to watch more of your filming to see how its all done. Magic to me! And your editing is so fun and lively. THANK YOU TWO!!! :)

  2. oh and i'm glad you got a pic of that gallery wall combo with the 3 frames. i love that combo. I will use that somewhere!! :)

  3. Love it! :) It all looks fabulous!


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