Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Advent Calendar

I love the idea of advent calendars, and have long decided to make it a part of our little family's Christmas traditions. This year I just pulled a few supplies from around the house, and with a little inspiration from Pinterest, came up with this. 

We made a date of it when it came to filling the bags. The hunny and I went to the store and gave ourselves a time limit and a budget to get enough items to fill the bags -- he took the odd numbers, I took the even. We tried to buy meaningful and useful items so we didn't just fill our closets with more clutter, but I'm pretty sure we'll each end up with like a nail filer or single Hershey's Kiss on occasion. 

Regardless, I can't wait to start the official Christmas countdown! 

Oh, and yes I craft on the floor. All the time. I find the most odd [and usually inconvenient] places to spread out all of my supplies. Anyone else do this? 

- a branch [believe it or not I actually had one laying around]
- lunch bags
- twine
- paper clips
- paint
- goodies!

* A word to the wise? Just buy some number stencils. I was trying to save a few cents and just free-handed the numbers out then meticulously painted in the lines. A few stencils would have helped me and my perfectionist self get this done in a fraction of the time. Whatever. I caught up on all my fav shows in the process. 

[number the bags]

[lay out your grid pattern]

[cut your twine strings]

[measure the placement between each bag]

[poke that sucker right through the twine - depending on how heavy the items in your bags will be, you may need more reinforcement by actually sewing the paper clip to the twine]

[tie those strings on & hang the bags on the paper clips! again, depending on the weight, you may need to hook the bags instead of just slide them in]


  1. Oh my I absolutely love this! What a great idea! Can't wait to try it!

  2. SOOOOO cute. I wish I had a wall to do this on! I love how easy it is.

  3. This is so simple but utterly adorable! With two grands with allergies, this would be so wonderful to make for them. Thank You!

  4. Such simple yet lovely way to do the christmas countdown!. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Simple and lovely. Love your blog and style.


  6. What a darling idea! love your rug too.

    much love,


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