Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I've Been Up To: A Few Client Updates

A few weeks ago one of my awesome clients e-mailed me asking for a little help with her Christmas decor. She wanted to use mostly what she had but add a little something new. I loved the tree decor she already owned but wanted to add a few larger elements to give the tree a variety in scale. I added the large gold & silver ornaments, a few extra glittered pine cones, and the ribbon cascading down [which is a hot tree trend this year!]. Then I carried the ribbon onto new flocked garlands I added to to the stair railing. 

While I was there I snapped a few quick shots of a few other projects we've been working on around the house. Her sweet daughter was graduating to a big girl room and needed a few big girl items. A significant part of my job is helping clients use what they already have in addition to adding new items. We decided to keep all of the pink elements that a previous designer had helped with. It was up to me to find new bedding, a nightstand/lamp, extra seating, and a dress-up station that complimented the previous style and design. 

[new sofa, canopy, pillow]

[new bedding, nightstand, lamp]

[new dresser, stool, art, storage totes, cheval mirror, star garland]

Her dining rug & wingback chairs were also needing a facelift. It was important to incorporate fabrics that were durable and could handle a spill or two. The chairs were reupholstered beautifully and the rug could not be a better fit.  

Photos: Property of Third Floor Design Studio


  1. That is a lovely room for your daughter. I think the lamp you chose is great and even though I'm considered an adult, I have to admit I really kind of want some star garland in my room...

  2. perfect pink hue. what is the brand and name / color # please?

    1. Hi! The room was previously painted so I am unsure of the name. I will try and find that out for you!


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